beachy keen

It’s a hard life, here at the beach. There are so many questions that need answering.

Does Crockett have enough time to finish his sandwich before his scheduled nap?

Should I focus on my lunch…

or on the view?

Should I make a run for it before this bee dive-bombs me (as he’s clearly considering)?

Is the water more gorgeous, or the sky? (Does little Jack, sitting on the edge of the water, have questions like this?)

Is a water trampoline safer than a regular one?

What if it’s waaaaaay out there?

Is there something about the beach that turns normally mature adult brothers into gladiators?

Will I ever get in the water?

Or will I just keep following the wildlife around?

And most importantly: burger or brat?

Fortunately there’s no question here. A scoop of everything, please.

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