heeerrre’s lil bro!

My little brother is in town.

I didn’t make him sit on the floor – he did that all on his own.

I mean, I could have. I am the big sister. But I didn’t.

He’s staying with my mom, and I took a couple of hours off from schoolwork yesterday to hang out with them and my dad.

My little brother is a vegan and he wanted more to eat than french fries and dressingless salad, so we went to Chipotle. Did you know that they’re vegan friendly? Yeah, me neither. Good on ya, Chipotle.

Then, so that he’d have food to eat at my mom’s house (her fridge, like mine, is mostly full of yogurt and cottage cheese), we stopped by Whole Foods.

We did not buy this. We mostly pointed and laughed. It has prickly pear extract, which is all of sudden supposed to be good for hangovers, which led us to believe that ‘urban’ is code for ‘you drink too much’.

We also made a run to the liquor store.

Shockingly, we did not buy Stinky Gringo margaritas.

I mean, seriously?

After I worked for a few more hours, the whole clan came over to lounge in my backyard. Cloey and Maida were thrilled – apparently I’m just not exciting enough for them anymore.

We had all kinds of tasty beverages. I made Dad try Racer 5 IPA, because yum.

I made myself a peach margarita – 1.5 ounces silver tequila, 4 ounces Freshies margarita mix (fresh juices and real sugar – it’s the best alternative to mixing your own), and half a frozen peach, blended up tasty like and topped with sparkling water. My theory here was that by adding fruit and extra water, I was making it healthier, and could therefore drink more.

Today that seems like a less reasonable conclusion.

I made the brother a non-blended, non-peach, non-sparkling version.

Doesn’t he look like he thinks it’s poison?

We threw some salmon burgers (pre-made from Costco) and some frozen vegan burgers on the grill, and had ourselves a nice little dinner. My mom took a picture of me being a mayonaise unicorn. These are the kind of shenanigans you’re missing out if you’re not friends with me on facebook.

Isn’t family just the best?

P.S. Dear Crockett – we missed you!

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