bourbon and bacon

A big thing happened yesterday. Before I became a student, I was a product manager for a telecommunications company (please hold while I fondly recall the paychecks that came with that role…. ok, I’m good). After going back to school, I was doing some temporary work for that same company in the form of a 20 hour a week internship.

Yesterday, I quit. The 20 hours of interning and the 20 hours of working on my graduate research and the full class load piled on top of the fact that I don’t, in fact, know how to program (hELLo computer science masters) was truly ridiculous. Something had to go.

So I quit. Here’s what my week looks like now: Real Saturday,Sunday,Friday,Saturday,Friday,Saturday,Real Friday.

See what I did there? Every day I don’t have classes is now considered a Saturday, and every day BEFORE on of those days is a Friday.

I’m basically living one long weekend.

I’m so happy right now.

I geared up for the quitting with a gigantic bowl of pumpkin oatmeal. Rather than stir in pumpkin puree, as I’ve seen some other bloggers do, I used the pumpkin butter I made yesterday. Even though the pumpkin butter is sweet, it didn’t sweeten up the oatmeal enough for me, so I added Splenda too.

I have something of a Splenda problem. I buy it from Costco.

For lunch I had one of my apple-cheddar-fall-in-a-pastry scones and a big old goat cheese honey mustard pumpkin seed salad. Oh, and? That thing in the background?

Homemade pumpkin latte.

I’d already made coffee, so I used brewed in this case. I mixed it with two tablespoons pumpkin butter, a pinch of salt, and a cup of lowfat milk, and heated it all up.

Then I added Splenda.

It wasn’t perfect, but it was better than no pumpkin latte. Today I’m going to try with the espresso machine, so I get the frothed milk and all, and I’m going to add maybe a half teaspoon of vanilla.

Before I left for work I took the girls for a walk through our local completely fake haunted graveyard.

We did, in fact, manage to leave.

But not before I scared the crap out of myself walking under a tree with a plastic snake hanging down from it.

While at school, I supplemented my scone and salad with the always handy dark-chocolate-nut mix. The original bag only included plain almonds, chocolate covered almonds, and cranberries, but I’ve since added every spare nut that’s crossed my desk. There are definitely cashews and peanuts now.

Ha. Spare nut.


How classy is the wood ”wood” of my desk at school?

After school, my man decided it was BLAT time.

BLAT = Bacon (obviously), Lettuce (subbed for spinach in this case), Avocado, and Tomato

A BLAT and an Old Fashioned is Crockett’s favorite meal.

My sandwich was put together as an actual, you know, sandwich.

Crockett put his together with more of a Cat in the Hat method.

That second piece of bread stayed on the bottom, and he ate it with a knife and fork.

I love him, but I’m not sure I understand him.

We had a single piece of bacon left…. whatever could we do with it?


How was YOUR Monday?

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