They’re back.

I’ve missed them so.

Never leave me again, Morningstar Farms Veggie Corn Dogs.


Seriously – they’re a little high in sodium to eat every day. There are a lot of ingredients involved in making fake meat, so the ingredient list is sort of intimidating. They have both egg and milk, so they’re not vegan. They’re also around $5 for 4, at least at my local Albertsons, which is a little pricey. (I’m going to go look at Target later this week to see if they’re cheaper there). But? But? The outside is crunchy and the inside is appropriately hot dog tasting and they’re SO GOOD. They were missing from the stores for almost a year for reasons that I believe had something to do with corn prices or only getting GMO corn or something, but now?


Never leave me again, corn dogs.

P.S. Those things on the sides are slices of champagne mango, not fries. I realized after the fact that they look like they might be the grossest fries ever, and I wanted to clear that up. Not gross fries: mango.

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