la la

Could you tell that ‘la la’ was the Gilmore Girls soundtrack? No?

I’m on Season 5 now.

That’s pretty much it, for what you’ve missed. I studied. I got a new laptop that, despite being exactly like my old laptop, wouldn’t take the pictures from my camera.

I figured it out. By the way.

This is Deb’s tomato and corn pie.

Yes, it’s a pie made with biscuit dough and filled with tomatoes and corn … and mayonnaise and cheese. Don’t let that throw you.

Crockett changed his statement that my grapefruit scones are the best thing he’s ever eaten. Now he says it’s this.

This is where I ate my leftover tomato and corn pie. My office on campus doesn’t have a window, and this place under the stairs had plenty.

This is the chicken that Crockett assaulted with a PBR can.

He said this and drowning your enemies is the only appropriate use of PBR.

He stuck a can up it’s patootie and then he made it dance.

Then we allowed it to cook in the most dignified manner we could find. Turns out, a chicken with a can up it’s butt looks roughly the same when it’s being dignified as it does when it’s dancing.

Cloey enjoyed the sunshine.

I started eating summer fruit.

Hellllllllo mangos.

Crockett and I watched the Sabres play game 5 of their series against the Philadelphia Flyers.

This is the face of a man who likes watching his team win.

Sadly, they lost the next two games and they’re now out of the playoffs.

I actually found myself caring a little bit.

I made chicken and then covered it with cheese, and then put all of the leftovers in our fridge in a pan until they were cooked, and then put the chicken on top of the leftovers. It seemed like a good idea.

It wasn’t, so much.

Our apple tree is flowering.

Isn’t it nice?

I’m trying not to think about all of the apples that will eventually grow from these flowers and fall into the grass and be eaten by puppies. And then thrown up onto our carpet.

I’m just thinking about the flowers.

These, folks, are the best of the 200+ pictures that I’ve taken since I was last able to upload pictures.

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