bagel in the morning, bagel in the evening…

Bagel at suppertime. When a bagel is turned into pizza you can have BAGELS anytime.

Wait, what?

I made bagels.

From this recipe, that The Wednesday Chef adapted from Peter Reinhart’s bagel recipe. I used bread flour and honey, in case you’re wondering.

I made a double batch, which is good, because it’s sort of a hassle. Not a CRAZY hassle, but you’ll have bagel dough kicking around your kitchen for like 18 hours. It will get in the way, it will cover your hands in a weird layer of flour, etc.

This pizza isn’t the first thing I did with my bagels. First I just ate one. And then I ate half another one. And THEN I made a little bagel pizza.

See how crusty and delicious they are on the outside?

They’re super chewy and delicious on the inside.

This is how I ate my breakfast bagel.

With a tomato.

And light cream cheese.

I’m going to run for an hour as soon as I get off the computer.

So I added a smoothie to my breakfast.

You know, to support the hour of running.

It’s the ugliest smoothie ever, I know.

It’s because there are both spinach and cherries in it.

Also? The other night I made this:

Ginger soy mahi-mahi.

It wasn’t very good, but I blame my heavy soy sauce hand more than the recipe. I bet the recipe was good.


Either way, we had fish. Which is brain food. And bagels, which are brain food.

I may have made that second part up.

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