BLAT pizza

That’s right. I am kind of a big deal.

Because I made BLAT pizza.

I made a whole bunch of pizza crust earlier in the week (also used for the breakfast pizza) and then half forgot about it until Crockett said I made the best scones ever and I said what about our BLATs?

Just like that, BLAT pizza was born.

Oh, should I stop saying ‘BLAT’ like that means something?


The Empire makes this into a sandwich, and it’s Crockett’s most favorite thing evah. They make a lemon garlic aioli, which I replicated with some lemon zest and minced garlic stirred into some whole milk ricotta. I spread that over the crust dough, and then topped it with sliced tomatoes, quickly sauteed bacon (floopy still so it could crisp up more in the oven), and blanched kale that I then sauteed in the leftover bacon fat. I sliced up avocados afterwards to put on top.

It was no Empire BLAT, but it was pretty tasty none the less.


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