Yes, I do like syrup. In the title, though, it’s capitalized for a reason.


My friends Rachael and Anna recently moved to a new house, in the Baker neighborhood of Denver. I’m a scared little suburban girl, so up and coming neighborhoods make me a little nervous, but their house is adorable. And like a block from the Breckenridge Brewery. Not that they’ve been there. If I lived there, though? Brewery tours. YAY.

I drove to Denver to see their house, and they took me to their favorite brunch location. Syrup is actually in Cherry Creek, a shwanky neighborhood not too far away, but they apparently go there all the time.

Despite the lack of a liquor license, I knew they were right about this place when I saw the wallpaper and the dog heads in the entryway.

The interior is this great shade of green as well, and I was thisclose to stealing some of the white chairs.

I have a lot of chairs, but lookithowcutetheyare!!

And this. If I could have figured out a way, this would have come home with me.

We were seated at the corner table, with sun and a street level view of saturday Cherry Creek shoppers.

Don’t judge Rachael for making this face at me. Our coffee hadn’t been poured yet.

Oh, there it is.

The coffee was mild and drinkable, as evidenced by the fact that I drank approximately five cups.

Rach and Anna know their way around the menu, and made their decisions right away. This is Rachael’s not-Benedict.

By not-Benedict I mean she ordered the corned beef benedict (still a benedict), on a croissant (mmmaybe still a benedict), and then asked that they scramble the eggs.

I don’t know what you call this delicious mess, but it ain’t a benedict.

Anna had a breakfast sandwich, on a croissant. With a side of hollandaise sauce.

I did tell you they know their way around the menu, right?

I had the classic breakfast burrito, with absolutely no alterations. No croissants, no hollandaise. It was all very boring of me.

It was super tasty, though. I don’t know what all was in it, exactly -chorizo, definitely, and green chili on top. Eggs. A good tortilla. And … some other stuff.

They give you a lot of food. Rach had some leftovers…

and I definitely had some leftover (insert this image for Saturday night dinner, if you will).

They cleared our plates, and the meal was over.

Oh, no, wait.

It wasn’t over.

Rachael and Anna have this wacky concept.

Breakfast dessert.

Sure, Syrup calls them ‘Breakfast Appetizers’, but R&A have decided they make far more sense as desserts. You chose a pancake or waffle flight, and then three types of syrup from that list.

And then two types of butter from this list.

Yeah, that’s right.

You’re looking at breakfast dessert.

Sadly the butters shown aren’t the ones we asked for. We wanted Drunken Pecan and Honey Butter, and all they had left was PB&J Butter and regular butter.

The syrups, though – dear god, the syrups. I didn’t even need butter.

In front is the Maple Vanilla syrup. Do you see the flecks of vanilla seed in that syrup? That is SO MUCH vanilla. My moderately trained eye tells me that the teaspoon of syrup on my plate probably has a quarter of a vanilla bean’s worth of seed in it. So much vanilla.

When Crockett gets home from skiing, we’re going to take a bath in the stuff.

Sorry for that imagery.

The one in the middle is Strawberry Syrup. It was good. If I’d tasted it before the Maple Vanilla, I probably would have been really impressed – it truly tasted like strawberries, not like a strawberry jolly rancher (which is what I expected). The one in the back is butterscotch syrup. It tasted like butterscotch.


Did I mention the Maple Vanilla syrup?

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