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Did you know that bone is not a mineral?

Yeah, biology is not my thing. I kind of thought they were big calcium sticks.

Moving on.

Yesterday the final picture that I posted for Wordless Wednesday was the oatmeal that I’d already eaten for breakfast. I try not to do that, because then everything gets all out of sync, and then everything is just a mess and a blah blah blah. I did do it though, and I’m not going to repost it, because that would be repetitive, and that TOO is a mess.


That oatmeal had grated apple in it, which was quite delicious. I strongly recommend it.

I was a cleany bo-beany yesterday too, so I stopped mid-morning to have a grapefruit. The one I had the other day was delicious, super sweet, and set a really high bar. This one was sort of a letdown. Just like the strawberries I had last week, come to think of it.

I’m starting to suspect that my local Albertsons might be pulling a fruit bait and switch.

When I got the grapefruit I also got one of those gigantic containers of Earthbound Farms Mixed Baby Greens.

I know that packaged greens are less fiscally reasonable, but I don’t wash salad. It’s a pain in the butt. So it’s expensive pre-washed salad or no salad at all for me.

Salad is good for you.

Full circle back to my salad yesterday.

Lunch: Costco salmon patty grilled on the tiny Foreman and some dressing I pulled from the fridge that I remembered after the first bite was awfully balsamicy and that’s why we didn’t finish it in the first place.

A girlfriend of mine saw the Empire deviled eggs yesterday, and sent me an IM saying that she was now in the mood for deviled eggs.

I agreed, so after lunch I boiled a couple up and set about making the eggs when I got hungry for dinner.

That’s when I discovered that I hadn’t in fact taken the eggs all the way to hard boiled. You’d think that having lived at 6000ish feet all my life, I would have gotten the hang of this by now, but no. No such luck.

I decided that since they were freshly made I was going to eat them anyway. I mashed the slightly squishy yolks up with some mayo and some red curry paste, a little salt and pepper, and I ate them alllll up.


I think full HB is crucial, deviled egg wise.

Consider that my tip for the day.

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