What exactly is an eraser room?

An eraser room is where the kids and their alien boyfriends make out, on Roswell.

Yeah, I’m watching Roswell now.

My oatmeal this morning was again mixed with cottage cheese, and again beige. I’m trying to make it prettier. It tastes good – it deserves to be pretty.

Plus, it carried me through my 11 am presentation – Corporate Governance in The United States, with an emphasis on pre- and post-Enron regulation.

I did super good. By the way. The professor told everyone to follow my lead.

Which I’m sure made me super popular.

I celebrated with this very attractive combination that is the cinnamon pastie from yesterday, and more salad.

Eaten with a spoon. Because I didn’t have a fork.

I need to show you guys something embarrassing. You see that red light, next to message?

I don’t know how to make that go away – because I don’t know how to check my office voicemail. That means anyone who has called me during the last semester during any of the hours that I’m not in the office (which is basically however many hours a week of hours minus four hours is) didn’t get ahold of me and is now being inadvertantly ignored.

I need to stop giving out this number.

Since I was taking pictures, I took at picture of the box of Mate Chai Latte I’ve been moving from office to office for almost four years now.

I interviewed for a job at this company, and I didn’t get it, but after the interview they gave me this as a parting gift.

I haven’t opened it because 80 calories is a lot for a half cup of anything that doesn’t have any alcohol in it.

Boring books that I can’t throw away because what if at some point in the future I DO need to take back my life from Microsoft Office or know how Toyota built the machine that changed the world – check.

The hand sanitizer that didn’t stop me from getting a cold – check.

The phone that blinks at me all the time – check.

My office just-in-case makeup – check.

That’s it. Those are all of the even mildly interesting things in my office.

I’d get a plant but I don’t have a window, so it just seems cruel.

I arrived home to find an empty cookie jar.

Not people cookies. Dog cookies.

I think Crockett bribes the girls during the day while I’m out. Bribes them to do what, you ask? I don’t know. Stay out of his office, perhaps.

Because I’m an excellent doggie mommy, I made them more.

I’d share the recipe but I’m actually working on an Etsy shop where I’m going to sell dog treats made with human quality organic ingredients… it’s a whole big thing.

Because I like to bake and I like dogs.

You see? Genius.

Since I was already baking, I used the leftover fillo from the pasties for some chocolate cherry … things. I put a maraschino cherry and some of the chocolate almond butter I made last week into a little fillo packet (appropriately brushed with butter, of course) and baked them at 350 for six minutes.

When you cut them in half they’re scary as all fuck.

But turns out they’re super delicious.

You know how when you start baking you start trying things and then boom, it’s dinner time and you know you should eat something that isn’t sugar based but you’re not really that hungry and you can’t think of anything to do but eat lame turkey directly out of the fridge and then your boyfriend, who has a cold and doesn’t want guacamole, comes out and makes a whole bowl of salty proteiny fatty guacamole just for you to eat for dinner while you cook?


Just me then.

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One Response to What exactly is an eraser room?

  1. BD says:

    ASK A MECHANIC! Got a “check engine light” blinding you in the car? A “you have messages” light on the phone? BLACK TAPE!!!! Your welcome.