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Tuesday is my long day. I leave the house at breakfast time and come home at dinner time.

It’s not my favorite day, for that reason, but two of my classes are seminar style, so I get to talk a lot. I like to talk a lot. So that helps.

I made smoothies for breakfast in the non-fluffy-smoothie maker (i.e. not the food processor) and it made me 7 minutes late getting out the door, so I forgot to take pictures. Mine was cherry. Crockett’s, because I’m holding onto those frozen cherries like they’re frozen gold (or just regular gold), was blueberry. Both had spinach.

Veggies for breakfast. That’s how we do it.

I had about forty five minutes to kill after doing my campus errands. Not quite long enough to get to my car, get my gym clothes, change, work out, change back, and eat. Also, I didn’t feel like it.

Yes, I have a half marathon in like six weeks. Shut up.

I used my forty five minutes to take pictures around campus. And eat lunch. Above, you see a sculpture of donkeys, necking. You’re welcome.

I just love these buildings. The near one is the computer science building (so technically my building), and the far one is the math building and the one I have my office in.

Speaking of my office (yes, I am a master of the written transition, thank you for noticing), that’s where I ate my lunch. Ham and low-fat (i.e. heart healthy – at this point the two most useful words you can use when describing my heart healthy diet are ‘lip’ and ‘service’) cheddar and a pink lady apple.

Then? When I went to my Theory of Computation class (as awesome as it sounds)? I noticed that there is a soda machine in the hallway…

… that accepts credit cards.

Here’s the thing. I almost bought $1.50 Diet Pepsi with my credit card just because I could, and I don’t even really like Diet Pepsi. Diet Coke girl, right here.

There’s something about monochromatic campus scenes that really appeal.

To me. Appeal to me.

I mean, maybe they appeal to you too. I don’t really know. But isn’t that pretty?

After my very long day, I felt like being not in my brain. You know that feeling?

I decided to make soup. Brainless soup.

That name works on many levels.

Step 1) Garlic.

Step 2) One can sweet potato puree (from Crockett’s cupboard, where there is a wealth of unexpected food and yet no vanilla), and two cans of black beans (also from the cupboard).

Not pictured, a tablespoon or so of dried onions.

Here’s the thing. My dad used dried onions in the spaghetti sauce we always had growing up, and our last name ends in an i, and dried onions are always there when you need them (I’m looking at you, fresh onions that fail to jump into my basket at the grocery store). I’ve embraced the beauty of dried onions.

Step 3) Put chopped garlic, can of potatoes, 1 can of beans, onions, and 1 tbs olive oil into a big pot. Turn on the heat and stir it all up until it starts to sizzle.

Step 4) Add some stock, or, if you’re me, some vegetable flavored Better than Bullion and some water. I used a black bean can full of water. I recommend you use more than that – our soup ended up a little more like dip than we ultimately desired.

Step 4) Open that can of chipotle peppers you bought for some other recipe you didn’t end up making and pull out one pepper. ONE, people. This is not supposed to be a spicy soup. Chop it up and throw it into the big pan.

Step 5) Using a) an immersion blender or b) a food processor (if you’re a glutton for punishment), mix up everything that’s already in the pan. I went smooth, which may have contributed to the whole ‘dip’ problem. When you’re to your desired smoothity, add the other can of black beans. (If you want a truly smooth soup, you can add both cans at the beginning and whir it all up, just make sure you add enough water to make it soupy and not bean puree’y.)

Step whatever-we’re-on) If your boyfriend got down the chocolate while you were making his tall ass get your necessary ingredients out of the cupboard, throw some in. What the hell.

Step whatever-we’re-on + 1) If you bought two pounds of crimini mushrooms at Costco last week with no clear plan on how to use them, saute about eight ounces up with a little more olive oil, some salt, a smidge of whatever you’re drinking while cooking (beer would be good, wine will do), and about a¬†teaspoon of the adobo sauce the chipotles were canned in.

Put the soup in a bowl. Crush tortilla chips on top, then dump mushrooms over the the whole mess.


It was good, y’all.

Everybody loves a Tuesday.

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