Emma from the block

You know what the best thing about birthdays is?

Leftover birthday cake.

For breakfast.

Yesterday was sort of a whirlwind of snow and… well, honestly, I don’t know what else I did yesterday. Mostly, homework sprinkled with some mild packing.

Speaking of sprinkling:


Crockett works from home about half the time, and he is less of a morning person than I am. In other words, when it’s 5 pm and I’m all ‘dude it’s time to throw in the towel on this whole ‘work’ thing’, he’s all ‘I’m just getting my groove on’.

Oh, I did do something else yesterday. I went to the grocery store. I bought steaks, because they were on sale, and I was going to make chili, and the stew beef was more expensive than the steak, and a little old lady who was also shopping convinced me it was a good idea.

Less good of an idea was buying dried beans at 2 pm, thinking we’d have chili at 7 or whatever. Doable? Yes. Likely? No.

Instead Crockett salted the bejesus out of them, I made a burgundy mushroom sauce, we whipped up some brown rice, and we got our snowdinner on.

Mmm, snowdinner.

Also necessary for snowdinner? Neck cuddling…

… lap cuddling…

… and just plain cuddling.

Why yes, it is Thursday morning and we have made a full circle, meal wise.

I’m a fan of closure like that.

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