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Friday, July 20th, 2012

I had a recipe to share and a story about me riding a scooter… which seems a little irrelevant at the mo.

My heart goes out to those affected by the shooting in Aurora and their friends and families. I know that cousins of a friend of mine were in the theater, and they’re ok, thankfully – something like this is so far reaching. It’s like the worst kind of six degrees of separation, and it’s natural to hope that everyone you know is ok, but everyone who was killed or injured was someone that someone knew.



zoom zoom

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

You know how sometimes people say, ‘It’s been a day’, and then you want to punch them in the face because EVERY day is a day and that’s a stupid thing to say?

Of course I’m not cranky, why do you ask? Jeesh, why are you getting all up in my business? I’M FINE.

Sorry. That was supposed to be funny, but I’m too cranky to tell if it worked. I didn’t have a great day at work. On the upside, Crockett came home last night! For three whole days! Then he leaves again, but for a much shorter period of time this time.

I super missed him.

All right, people, let’s do this. Ready? GO.


Yesterday I made Malt-O Meal with more liquid than recommended. Like, twice as much liquid as recommended.

Nope, I don’t know why either. I didn’t do it by accident – I just intentionally but for no good reason poured a cup of water AND a cup of milk into a single serving.

Photo 3

Today I ate peaches with full fat cottage cheese and Kashi. Full fat cottage cheese is a revelation. I used less than I would have yogurt, because, you know, fat, but it was totally worth it.

Photo 1

Yesterday I used a dirty plate to eat a peach and my leftover macarons for lunch. Why a dirty plate? Because that’s where I was storing my leftover macarons, obviously. The lavender dark chocolate macaron was good, but mostly because of the chocolate. It was so strongly flavored that whatever lavender flavor existed in the sandwich was lost. The salted caramel one was fantastic, though.


Photo 4

Today I basically ate what I found in the fridge at 7:30 this morning for lunch. Leftover roasted broccoli and carrots (mmmm roasted carrots), half a peanut butter sandwich, an apple, and a VitaTop.

Photo 5

Yesterday I admired the trippy plant on my mom’s front porch.


Today I admired my hair in the bathroom mirror. Seriously, I was having a great hair day. This is what happened when I pulled the towel off my head this morning. It was magical.

Photo 3

Yesterday I had the world’s most colorful dinner. (The salad is a faux egg salad made with chickpeas.)

Photo 2

I also used my twist n sparkle, despite the fact that it’s been recalled for occasionally exploding.

I know, I know.

To summarize: vegetables, no exploding, Crockett’s back, good hair, bad work.

Whoo hoo! I feel better already, seeing the one bad thing in a list with good ones.

What do you do to help yourself remember there are good things when bad ones show up?

thanks, farmers!

Saturday, July 14th, 2012

I don’t go to the Louisville farmers market as often as I intend to – which is every week. And then every Saturday it’s like noon, and I convince myself that the good stuff is probably all gone, and I skip it. It’s ridiculous. However, today I was up at 7 to do my chores and walk the dogs.

And almost seriously mess up my breakfast.

Photo 1

I was boiling water for coffee with one hand and mixing up my strawberries and Kashi with the other. When the water came to a boil it was also time to add the yogurt to the cereal, and I came thisclose to pouring the water on the cereal. (The photo above is a dramatic reenactment. I’ve always wanted to do one of those.)

Photo 1

Then I turned some jeans I never wear into shorter-than-I-meant-for-them-to-be jean shorts, and took the girls for a walk.

Sadly, even though it was only 8 or so, it was already really hot for the girls.

Photo 4

We stopped in every available piece of shade and lounged.

Photo 5

I can’t decide if I’m more entertained by her wiggling around on her back or her being so white that it’s almost impossible to take a picture of her outdoors.

Photo 3

When we got home, Maida got herself into this position and Cloey found a similar one on the tile floor of the bathroom. I swear that I didn’t put the sheet over her, she managed that all on her own. With the girls taken care of, I took off for the farmers market.

Photo 2

I’m always surprised by how big our market is, for a town of 20,000 people. There’s a huge produce stand behind where I’m standing here, and the booths go all the way down the block and around the corner. One of the reasons that I don’t always make it is because I’m not a big fan of dirty vegetables. I know, I know, I would like to support local farmers. Is it too much to ask that they clean off all the earwigs first?

(Yes, I know that’s too much to ask. That’s why I don’t ask them!)

Photo 4

Pappardelle’s pasta stand is ENORMOUS and conveniently earwig free. I spent ten minutes staring at pasta types – it’s kind of a mental switch to think of pasta as something other than a blank slate.

After picking up my pasta, I swung by the stand with the largest line – Palisade Peaches!!

Photo 5

Look, I’ve never had a peach from Georgia. All I know is that a fresh Western slope Colorado peach is a beauty to behold. I intend on eating this whole bag this weekend.

Photo 2

Then I saw a place called Soljuice, which is new (to me, at least). I asked the woman taking orders if they had a storefront anywhere, and she said they basically only exist at this particular farmers market. They were using a juice extractor rather than a juicer – my understanding of the difference, as she explained it, is that a juicer that uses centrifugal force can damage the goodness in the plant cells. The other difference is that the juice extractor the booth was using took approximately four minutes to make 12 ounces of juice. I ordered The Green and popped over to Paul’s Coffee, the next booth, to grab a pound of the beans Crockett and I like.

Photo 4

Turns out buying beans got me a free iced coffee – and who am I to say no? Even balancing two drinks, I managed to visit a couple more booths. One, where I took the above picture, was selling very pretty macarons! I bought two, because, come on. Macarons.

The other was selling (and giving tastes of) wine.

Photo 1

I tried a sip of two different whites and a red. It was good but all very uncomplicated – there was no unfolding of flavors of any kind. That’s ok from a four dollar bottle, but these are 13 – 15 dollars each, so I passed. It’s possible that the heat and the time of day were effecting my taste buds, but either way I didn’t feel like splurging.

Photo 5

My haul: coffee, a lavender and dark chocolate macaron, a salted caramel macaron, my peaches, some green jalapeno pasta that I intend to use with some shrimp when Crockett comes back, and this sauce called Watochi from a company called Two Mile Creek. I tried it at the booth – the guy was awesome and the sauce is super wacky. It’s a watermelon base, with chipotle and tomatoes and all kinds of good stuff. They also had pepper jellies, which I love, but they all included bell peppers and I opted not to have an allergic reaction in the middle of the market.

I should go more often! Except that this, along with the juice, cost forty-two dollars. Ouch. (1/2 lb pasta – $4. Peaches – $6. Macaroons – $2.50. Watochi – $8. Coffee – $15. Juice – $5.50.) Maybe I should stick to regular markets.




Friday, July 13th, 2012

I tried to IM the word ‘blerg’ on my phone to my bff earlier today and my phone corrected it to ‘blood’.

That’s a good analogy for the day.

It should have been a good day. Last night I had margaritas and pulled pork sandwiches with one of my favorite ladies…

Photo 5

My momma! Well, she had a margarita.

Photo 4

That’s hers on the left. Mine on the right is what Lulu’s calls a Texas Slush. That might be a thing? Like, a thing in places other than a bbq joint in Louisville? It’s half Tecate (that’s that bottom layer) and half frozen margarita (the top).

SO GOOD. It’s weirdly sparkly – I know it sounds unlikely, but it’s what I imagine a champagne slushie would taste like.

Photo 3

Then today I had my Kashi and yogurt with fresh organic strawberries ($4.99 for two pounds yo) – again in a meeting. I either need to start checking my calendar more thoroughly or start bringing a less crunchy breakfast. This picture was taken while everyone was looking at someone else, so I’d already eaten two thirds. Slowly and with the aid of much saliva.

Sorry, was that gross? That was gross. Someone tell Kashi to put ‘crunch’ in the name of their. .. oh, right.

Photo 2

Farro for the third lunch in a row – not terrible, but I REALLY need to remember how much longer four servings last when I’m eating them alone. I’m ready for Crockett to come home, but I’ve got a whole ‘nother work week to plan for. I should just eat celery stuffed with various things. Celery stuffed with things is fabulous. The celery above is stuffed with a Laughing Cow Queso wedge.

Photo 1

Oh, also? I’m still not running where the coyote puppies are, but this isn’t a terrible replacement. It’s amazing how much more picturesque something that is essentially an alley can look at dawn-ish.

Anyway. Today was blerg because BLERG.

Photo 4

Sometimes, as adults, we go to the doctor (like we’re supposed to) and the doctor says ‘hmmm….’ instead of ‘ok, everything looks fine, see you next year!’. That happened to me a couple of weeks ago, and today was my follow up – and instead of ‘gosh, that was silly, you’re good to go’, I essentially got another ‘hmmm’. As a responsible person who does what my doctor tells me to, I’m sure that everything will in fact be fine, but it’s still enough to take a normal day to ‘blerg’ level, you know?

What other one thing is enough to make a day blergy? I’m sure there are plenty.




Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

I opened my home laptop just now and realized that I’d shut the lid last night while yesterday’s post was… posting. Post post. Post.

So there it is, smooshed right up against this one. Oh well.

Many exciting things happened today. For example, my coworker buddy sent me an article about how sitting all day makes you die, and then she and I rigged a standing desk out of textbooks. This is my standing desk, apparently she’d rather be comfortable than alive from 92 to 94.

Photo 3

I send Crockett this picture and he pointed out that there are probably $1500 worth of books under the laptop, making this an exceptionally expensive rigged desk. My bosses boss did come by and say that if I wanted a real one, they’d make it happen, but I’m going to try it out first. Honestly, I stood up for like four hours today and I feel pretty solid. It’s awesome.

…. Huh. I guess that was actually the only exciting thing that happened today.

Photo 1

I watered our herb garden – what up, three kinds of basil?

Photo 2

I watered my new lemon plant. See the teeny tiny lemons? They’re exactly the same color as the leaves right now, but I have high hopes for an eventual lovely yellow.

Photo 3

I did not water our hops plant, because after all the rain I’m pretty sure it’s trying to take over the world and doesn’t need help from me.

Photo 1

I ate breakfast.

Photo 2

Those yellow things are the last of the mango nectarines. Thank god, because those things were trippy.

Photo 4

Then I ate some baby yellow tomatoes and some roasted mushrooms and farro salad, which it turns out does not photograph any better in natural light than it did in the kitchen last night. It did keep well, though, so here you go:

Roasted Mushroom and Farro Salad
Adapted from The Kitchn

1 or 2 8 oz packages of whatever kind of mushrooms you like (see note)
1 cup uncooked farro
3 cups chicken stock or equivalent bullion substitute
2 – 3 tablespoons lemon juice
2 – 4 tablespoons olive oil, divided
1 oz parmesan or romano cheese

Here’s my note: I used probably 10 oz of crimini mushrooms,  2 tablespoons of olive oil, and 2 tablespoons of lemon juice. I wished there had been more mushrooms, and possibly more interesting kinds, but otherwise I thought it was about perfect – however, I really like farro and didn’t need it heavily dressed. If you’re not sure how you feel about it, feel free to up the juice and oil values. Also, this does involve turning on the oven.

Heat the oven to 400 degrees (I know it’s July – save this recipe for fall if your house is too hot) and put the stock or three cups of water and your bullion on to boil. When boiling, add the farro and bring to a simmer. Set your timer for 25 minutes.

Rinse and chop or break your mushrooms into smallish bite size pieces. Spread them out on a baking sheet lined with foil and toss them with one to two teaspoons of your oil and about half a teaspoon of kosher salt. Stick them in the oven and turn it down to 350 – hopefully right now your timer says 20 minutes, give or take, but if not set one that does.

When the farro is done, try it. It should still have some bite but nothing serious – you just don’t want fluffy. Drain it. Pull the mushrooms out of the oven, and let them and the farro get down to room temperature. (Don’t rinse the farro to cool it off – if you want to speed up the cooling process, spread it out on a baking sheet). When they’re both coolish, stir them together and toss with the rest of the olive oil and the lemon juice.

Crumble (not grate) the cheese over the salad and serve at room temp.

Possible variations: Veganize it by leaving out the cheese. I suggest some nutritional yeast flakes if you’re going to do this.
Herb it up.. I wanted to try it plain first, and now I’m thinking parsley, thai basil – maaaaybe thyme… something bright.
Fried egg on top, anyone?


parmesan cheese owl hands

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

Today started with rain that was followed by a two hour training that I wasn’t aware I was going to, and ended with me staying after everyone else left to update an internal website that people actually apparently use.

That whole using of an internal site thing is weird to me. At my previous places of employment, internal informational sites were created with the greatest of intentions and roundly ignored.

Photo 2

Rain and breakfast. I’d intended to eat on the road, but the roads were so blah that I didn’t manage to take a bite until I got to my desk.

Photo 1

And after that one bite, I was called to my training. I was still hungry, so my bowl came with me, but it turns out that Kashi isn’t the best cereal to eat in a quiet room. Even when mixed with yogurt and fruit. I basically ended up sucking on each bite before biting down, which was… icky. Seriously.

So I haven’t been eating very many vegetables since Crockett went out of town, but I have a good reason. We bought a thing of mixed spring greens at Costco… and it turned out to be 90% arugula.

I freaking hate arugula, but I hate to throw out perfectly good food, so the salad greens have been sitting there uneaten.

Photo 3

Last night I decided to put them all in a food processor and make them into pesto. This is a real thing, that people do. I didn’t just make this up. I added olive oil and almonds (who keeps pine nuts on hand, seriously?) and some hard gouda that I had leftover from also not wanting to eat it.

What did I think was going to happen when I put two things I didn’t like into a sauce with two things that I do like? Did I think the things I like would magically overwhelm the truly massive amount of arugula?

I might have.


But if I did, I was wrong. This stuff is truly gross.

Fortunately, Crockett likes arugula and gouda. I stuck this in the freezer for him. It’s very very strongly flavored, but I think it will work well as a sandwich spread or something… maybe. Who knows. I’m clearly off my rocker when it comes to this stuff.

Today, though, I bought more salad greens, some broccoli, some brussels sprouts, and a big zucchini. (What? That arugula was taking up a lot of room.)

Good thing, because my microwave broccoli in cheese sauce that I’ve been eating at work is getting a little old.

Photo 2

Yeah, I ate that. No, it didn’t look quite that… neon when I ate it. Not pictured: my delicious dark chocolate Jello pudding cup.

Photo 3

The drive home was much more relaxing than the drive to work. Plus, see those mountains? I can see them even better through the glass wall down the row from my cubicle. Really, my office building is very nice.

For dinner tonight I made some roasted mushroom and farro salad, but in the kitchen light it’s photographing super brown so it’ll have to wait. If it keeps well maybe I’ll post the recipe – although really, who eats farro? It’s just been hanging out in our pantry from when I totally thought I was going to make Farro with Tuna and Tomatoes, but then totally didn’t because I hate capers and never ever ever buy oil packed tuna. I had to crumble parmesan into the salad, and my hands smell like parmesan, which is surprisingly pleasant.

One final thing. I have this teeny tiny turquoise owl ring from when I was a baby. Why did I have a ring as a baby? I don’t know. Theres’s some story there – I’ll have to ask my mom. Anyway, I’ve been wearing it between my first and second knuckle, because I like the ring and I like the way it looks there. There is a fashion precedence, too. Like this cute girl, for example. Or this adorbs little infinity loveliness.

Oh also? I was playing with a new photo treatment app on my phone and deleted the original of this after making my hand look a little … blue. It wasn’t this color in real life.

Photo 1

Cute? I think it’s cute, zombie hand and all.

Anyway. What do you wear that you especially like lately?

P.S. That is a black string on my thumb. It’s a whole different story and involves me trying to keep myself awake during the single longest training ever.

P.P.S. I also just realized that the two things I’ve made in the last twenty four hours require ingredients that I say that no one keeps on hand. Whoops.


Monday, July 9th, 2012

So today I accidentally peeled off a toenail with a chair leg while moving furniture. It was fun!

Except that it wasn’t. I did take a picture, but I’m not going to show you. Promise.

So yesterday after I posted I did in fact rearrange the living room.


What I didn’t do was take a ‘before’ picture. Let’s see – the couch that’s on the left used to have it’s back to the window box thing, the kitchen table (that I’m standing next to while I take the picture) used to be on the right… I don’t know. It’s different. I like it. We’ll have to see what Crockett thinks when he gets home. Cloey kept giving me the side eye, but once I’d put her bed in a place she deemed acceptable she settled down.


I was tired and hungry, so I ate more chickpea tuna salad straight out of the fridge and went to bed.


So you know Toothpaste for Dinner? No? You should. Write that down. Anyway, Drew, who draws the comic, also has this Tumblr called The Worst Things for Sale, and a couple of weeks ago he mentioned this dehydrated defatted peanut powder called PB2 that you mix with water to make lower calorie peanut butter. It was on a blog specifically listing stupid things – and I bought it anyway. I actually had peanut smoothies in mind, but I’ve discovered that if you mix it with more water than called for it makes an excellent dipping sauce for bananas. I’m not going to lie – a lot of what makes PB so ummy is the fat. However, this is pretty freaking tasty if you’re willing to acknowledge that it isn’t peanut butter.

I especially like the chocolate kind.

Oh, and speaking of buying dumb things?


This is a mango nectarine.

Ok, there’s nothing wrong with mango nectarines. Apparently they have nothing to do with mangos – they’re just wacky nectarines that some farmer found one day and grafted and it took. They do sort of taste like mangos, but are like nectarines in every other way. The whole thing is odd and overall I just sort of wished I had another mango and some nectarines.

I ate all the above with some iced coffee (2 points total – yay fruit!!) before even getting out of bed (other than to get it, I guess – no breakfast in bed delivery when your man is out of town). I did some writing (novel #2 is underway) and searched for someone to edit novel #1, and then got up to actually eat and fuel myself for the day.


And fuel I did. This is a piece of toast topped with a dry-fried egg, a wedge of Laughing Cow Queso, and some Morningstar Farms Grillers crumbles things heated with some salsa. Oh, and cranberry juice. Six points total and damn did it fuel me. The girls and I went for a hike, I rearranged our bedroom (and lost the aforementioned toenail), and I went to the Lowe’s and got some plants, then came home and planted them. And then I realized it was 4:30 and I was starving. Whoops. I again ate tuna and chickpea salad out of the refrigerator.


Our front planter looks pretty nice, though – I like the grasses. (The blue on is a hanger on from last year.)


Plus, dwarf citrus trees! The meyer lemon one already has some fruit, which I find confusing because they’re supposed to fruit from December to May, but whatever. I’ll take it and make some more of the Vanilla Bean Meyer Lemon Marmalade that I made while I was on haitus. Trust me, you guys want this recipe.

Photo  24

Anyway, now I’m enjoying my one teeny tiny glass of wine for the night before I shower all the dirt off. (Oh, I also painted my nails a pretty sparkly light purple but I guess you can’t tell here. Yes, I did my nails before a day of gardening and moving furniture. I have no idea what my brain damage is.) (Also, it’s delicious and cheap wine that I will tell you about tomorrow, maybe?)

The one thing that bums me out about today is that I couldn’t find mint! When Crockett went herb plant shopping a few weeks ago, he couldn’t find any, and today I looked again and still couldn’t find any. Yes, I could probably start some from seeds, but arg.

What happened to you today? Good things? Bad things? In between things?

turn and face the… day? stray?

Saturday, July 7th, 2012

Sure, I could Google the words to that song, but the final word of that line isn’t really the point.

The point is – changes! The point is that I graduated!! Finally!! And am working again!

Basically, I’ve returned to a fixed schedule and a happy paycheck. I haven’t quite paid off my portion of the vacation that Crockett and I took between my graduation ceremony and the first day of my new job, and I can now say that I’m a master, but otherwise it’s like nothing ever happened. I leave my house at 8 am and arrive home at 5:30.

I forgot what it’s like to have free time and free brain cells.

Unfortunately, I’ve gotten out of the habit of taking pictures over the last few months. (P.S. If anyone sees my camera that’d be great kthanx.) That doesn’t mean that we haven’t been eating well! (So well that, right now, while Crockett is out of town, I’m joining a dear friend in that age old tradition of counting points – WW style, yo. Although the home eating probably isn’t what did it for me. I suspect that the five-a-day cream of coconut based drink habit I developed in Antigua are probably what did it for me.)

Image 1

Thanks to our Antigua friends Nick and Jamie for this picture!

Some of the things I’ve made repeatedly in the last few months:

There’ve been salads – both the greens kind and the chicken kind and the tuna kind. We’ve only turned the grill on once.

I don’t know. The whole last semester is sort of a blur.


I went line dancing last weekend. And rode a mechanical bull.


That was fun for me. I’m not entirely sure what’s happening in the first picture. I think I might be pontificating. Doesn’t that look like a pontification finger? And the second picture is not, in fact, an elegant dismount, but rather me trying to stand up after falling off. I’d show you the dismount picture, but that’s a damn short dress I’m wearing.

It’s been hovering around 100 degrees here for WEEKS, and yesterday it finally rained for reals. Like for hours it rained. It was lovely – too late to save our grass (which we DO water, despite appearances to the contrary), unfortunately, but nice for our herbs and my general attitude.


Not only is Crockett out of town, my mom is in CO Springs being a bad ass bicycle racer. I did my part by walking her dogs.

Well, that was the plan. Mostly they walked me.


Then, when walking my own dogs, I ran into this:


Since my dogs weigh approximately 25 pounds combined, I didn’t feel like facing down a coyote.

We turned around and I came home for breakfast. Even though it’s cooler today, I haven’t really felt like cooking – more like stirring stuff together and calling it a day.


This gorgeous combo you see here is Kashi Go Lean (which I never used to like and suddenly cannot get enough of – especially the things that they openly call twigs. I love that they own it), fresh cherries (pitted with my teeth since I was the only one eating it – teeth pitting is the best way, y’all), greek yogurt, and pistachios. (5 points, if you’re interested in that kind of thing.)

I know I just said this about Kashi, but I also didn’t used to like pistachios. I have, happily, discovered that what I really didn’t like was shelling pistachios. I don’t mind shelling peanuts, or pitting cherries, or wev, but there was something about pistachio shells that just bugged me. Anyway, last weekend Crockett and I bought two pounds of shelled pistachios at Costco, and there’s no turning back. They’re buttery and delicious and salty and I want to smack past Emma for being so stubborn. Pistachios – two thumbs up.

For lunch I stirred more things together.


No pistachios here – I thought they’d get lost and I wouldn’t do that to them. This is tuna, chickpeas (cooked from scratch successfully for the FIRST TIME EVER – if I succeed again I’ll tell you how), dried cherries, and celery with greek yogurt and mayo and salt and pepper on toast. Not pictured – the sweetest, smoothest, most enormous mango I’ve ever eaten. (6 points total).

So. I’m going to find my camera, and see you soon!

Of course, in the meantime, I’m going to rearrange my living room. Or bedroom. Or both. It’s what I do when Crockett leaves. What do you do when you’re alone at home? (If you live alone, what’s your at-home guilty pleasure?)

ignore this please

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

K thanx.


what better time

Friday, December 23rd, 2011

It’s a snow day.

It’s Christmas cookie day.

And it’s I-miss-you-guys day.

I know you probably thought I was off hanging out with James Franco at Yale. Or that’s where I was pretending I was, to avoid a nervous breakdown. One of those two things is true.

One semester of grad school to go.

IMG 2787

I did say snow day, right?

IMG 2788

This is the tunnel for the puppies, taken from floor level. After I let the girls out this morning, I told Crockett that the snow was more than a puppy deep, and he laughed, so I said ‘how would you like it if you were in snow over your head?’ And then he told me that that’s a serious fear he faces while snowboarding.

Then I felt bad.

I knew it was cookie day, and we got up pretty late, so our breakfast was both lunchy and not particularly sugary.

IMG 2785

I made tuna fish salad with celery and dried fruit while Crockett shoveled the front walk.

IMG 2780

Tuna is Cloey’s favorite food.

(Don’t worry – I rinsed the lid so she wouldn’t lick it, and that’s where the sharp edges were. Her tongue and gums are intact.)

IMG 2781

Maida’s technique was a little … different.


IMG 2783

This is the face Crockett made when he came in and saw the girls eating tuna out of cans on the floor.

Then? Cookies!!

IMG 2789

And Community.

Did anyone else hear that there was a flash mob in New York today to stop it from being cancelled? I totally would have gone to that.

I have no great reason for making so many cookies. I’m taking dessert to two events – and while I am the official dessert bringer to both, I suspect that others will be all ‘oh well I just brought along some cookies’ too. Six kinds of cookies is too many cookies.

What I’m trying to say is that it’s a cookie world, and we’re just living in it.

IMG 2790

Almond cookies. These are basically just egg whites, sugar and almond paste.

I bought almond paste from Amazon.

I have enough almond paste for everyone.

IMG 2792

Dorie Greenspan’s Salt and Pepper Cocoa Shortbread.

People, these were neither salty nor peppery. I made some orange ganache and turned them into sandwich cookies.

Also, the dating on these cookies is sporadic because apparently when I don’t have to go to school I have no idea what day it is. I genuinely believed tomorrow was Christmas Eve until yesterday.

IMG 2791

Gluten free vanilla bean shortbread. Crockett’s sister in law has a gluten allergy, so I thought I’d bring these to her house on Christmas.

Because even though I’m not in charge of dessert, I thought hey, I’ll just bring some cookies.

I’m one of those.

IMG 2793

A very small batch of coconut macaroons, some with chocolate and some without. These were an afterthought because I ended up with more whites than yolks at the end of the day, and I already had almond cookies.

And also because we used to make these at the bakery I worked at and they were my favorite. I always forgot they were my favorite, but they always were – you know what I mean?

IMG 2794

Eggnog sandwich cookies. They were supposed to be Brandied Eggnog Sandwich cookies, but who the hell has brandy? I have weird drinks – I do. I have sherry. And port. And also Frangelico although I’ve had it for literally a decade which WOW why do I still have it? But I don’t have brandy. Or rum, because, you know – a week of seasickness in the Virgin Islands can create some bad rum associations.

IMG 2795

And my absolute favorite – lemon fennel pretzels, from the book The Good Cookie.

These are the weirdest cookies.

I love them.

And I love you.

Merry Christmas Eve eve eve!

(So totally a thing.)