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What exactly is an eraser room?

Friday, February 11th, 2011

An eraser room is where the kids and their alien boyfriends make out, on Roswell.

Yeah, I’m watching Roswell now.

My oatmeal this morning was again mixed with cottage cheese, and again beige. I’m trying to make it prettier. It tastes good – it deserves to be pretty.

Plus, it carried me through my 11 am presentation – Corporate Governance in The United States, with an emphasis on pre- and post-Enron regulation.

I did super good. By the way. The professor told everyone to follow my lead.

Which I’m sure made me super popular.

I celebrated with this very attractive combination that is the cinnamon pastie from yesterday, and more salad.

Eaten with a spoon. Because I didn’t have a fork.

I need to show you guys something embarrassing. You see that red light, next to message?

I don’t know how to make that go away – because I don’t know how to check my office voicemail. That means anyone who has called me during the last semester during any of the hours that I’m not in the office (which is basically however many hours a week of hours minus four hours is) didn’t get ahold of me and is now being inadvertantly ignored.

I need to stop giving out this number.

Since I was taking pictures, I took at picture of the box of Mate Chai Latte I’ve been moving from office to office for almost four years now.

I interviewed for a job at this company, and I didn’t get it, but after the interview they gave me this as a parting gift.

I haven’t opened it because 80 calories is a lot for a half cup of anything that doesn’t have any alcohol in it.

Boring books that I can’t throw away because what if at some point in the future I DO need to take back my life from Microsoft Office or know how Toyota built the machine that changed the world – check.

The hand sanitizer that didn’t stop me from getting a cold – check.

The phone that blinks at me all the time – check.

My office just-in-case makeup – check.

That’s it. Those are all of the even mildly interesting things in my office.

I’d get a plant but I don’t have a window, so it just seems cruel.

I arrived home to find an empty cookie jar.

Not people cookies. Dog cookies.

I think Crockett bribes the girls during the day while I’m out. Bribes them to do what, you ask? I don’t know. Stay out of his office, perhaps.

Because I’m an excellent doggie mommy, I made them more.

I’d share the recipe but I’m actually working on an Etsy shop where I’m going to sell dog treats made with human quality organic ingredients… it’s a whole big thing.

Because I like to bake and I like dogs.

You see? Genius.

Since I was already baking, I used the leftover fillo from the pasties for some chocolate cherry … things. I put a maraschino cherry and some of the chocolate almond butter I made last week into a little fillo packet (appropriately brushed with butter, of course) and baked them at 350 for six minutes.

When you cut them in half they’re scary as all fuck.

But turns out they’re super delicious.

You know how when you start baking you start trying things and then boom, it’s dinner time and you know you should eat something that isn’t sugar based but you’re not really that hungry and you can’t think of anything to do but eat lame turkey directly out of the fridge and then your boyfriend, who has a cold and doesn’t want guacamole, comes out and makes a whole bowl of salty proteiny fatty guacamole just for you to eat for dinner while you cook?


Just me then.


Wednesday, January 26th, 2011



People, having Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays off does not suck.

Sure, I’m working 20 hours during those days for the National Science Foundation …. (as far as they know) … (just kidding, NSF guys, I totally am). But still, being home those days?
Not horrible.

Yesterday we started with oatmeal. All important and delicious oatmeal. As is our wont, we went two different directions: me, pumpkin butter and cottage cheese. Crockett, brown sugar and half and half.

You can’t say the man has bad taste.

The wake up process is gradual.

Coffee helps.

Right now, reading this, he’s wondering again why he decided to upgrade my camera for my birthday.

Part of the whole ‘breakfast nook’ thing seems to mean that I end up eating surrounded by puppies.

I eat surrounded by puppies because, honestly, I give the puppies whatever the hell they want.

It’s sort of ridiculous.

But? Just look at that face.

After lotsa school work and consulting-site work and a short trip back to my old house to pack up yet more stuff, I came home and made my favorite salad – the buffalo salad. Easy peasy: fake chicken patty, mixed greens (with baby spinach added because good lord if we had any more baby spinach it would technically be the baby spinach’s house instead of ours), light blue cheese dressing, and Frank’s Wing Sauce. People, if you are in the overlap of people who like salad and people who like buffalo wings and people who try to eat vegetarian sometimes just for kicks, you should try this. I recommend Marie’s Light Bleu Cheese dressing – not because they asked me to (they didn’t), but because a) I find it delicious and b) I find it reassuring that you find it in the refrigerated section. Unrefrigerated dairy freaks me out.

Afternoon snacks of the crucial variety: the last of my Chobani (sad face) and an orange, cut up all fancy like I learned in pastry school.

After Crockett got home, we had leftover stew. You can’t tell, but there is a secret ingredient this time.


Just kidding. I mean, there was totally love in there, but that’s no secret. I always cook with love. I’m loving like that. The secret ingredient in THIS bowl is broken up tortilla chips on the bottom, Frito pie style. You can’t see them, but they were there, and they were delicious.

Happy Monday (said from Tuesday night)!


Friday, January 21st, 2011

Some days I just can’t warm up.

Today was kind of stupid, y’all. I have had this whole job/school thing going on lately, and despite some last minute McGyvering on the part of myself and my prospective boss the job thing has fallen through.

I’m all school all the time.

Except for that consulting business that I’m going to get up and running any second now. And also my blogging. And also some moving into a new house. I keep thinking I’m almost done with that, but I think it takes a lot longer than I’m giving it credit for – the whole moving thing.

On Tuesday I had this whole sadface thing going on because I forgot my lunch and had to eat crappy salad from the salad bar. Salad with weird generic meat and nasty wrinkly mushrooms. Much better: turkey, low fat cheddar, and mustard sandwich on whole wheat bread, eaten while walking from the gym to a meeting.

I was surrounded by lil engineer boys who found my photo taking kind of hilarious. Seriously, one stopped and pointed.

Dude, it’s a pretty sandwich.

I had an orange too, but I chose not to eat it during my meeting. No one likes that orange smell when they can’t have an orange too.

I snuck it in before my next class though. I don’t care if my classmates are jealous of my oranges.

Because I didn’t know if I was going to be school-Emma or work-Emma, I didn’t buy any school books yet. As school Emma, I have no books and therefore can’t do any homework.

Too bad.

I’m obsessively labeling instead.

Why didn’t I just write on the box?

Who can say.

Even the furniture got sticky notes.

The puppy is not amused by the boxes and the fact that her bed is mysteriously MIA.

She has a small brain and can’t seem to remember that she climbed out of it right before getting into the car at Crockett’s.

Part of the house that I haven’t started packing? The bathroom.

Because there’s a lot of crap in there and it’s all little and icky and I have to choose what to do and yada yada yada.

I returned to Crockett’s for a nice warm bowl of chili… but I got lazy and made a dinner smoothie instead.

Dinner smoothie: two handfuls of spinach, a handful of oatmeal, some yogurt, a frozen banana, and milk. In other words, it’s a breakfast smoothie with slightly less fruit.

And club soda.

I love club soda.

Downside of dinner smoothies?

I’m freaking freezing now.


adventures in being 30

Monday, January 17th, 2011

While I was standing in the kitchen, playing with the aperture and f-stop and all the other things that my middle school photography teacher would be disappointed to know I’ve apparently mostly forgotten about, I heard a bark at the door.

The front door.

The door that is not reachable from the backyard, where my Cloey was.

Except, of course, when the temporary fencing that we put up falls down. Which it does all the time.

This is the face of a dog that just got out of the bathtub.

And this dog just got out of the bathtub because while she was on her adventure, she found…. something. I’m going to guess that it was something dead, based solely on the smell.

Don’t worry, Crockett – she didn’t touch anything between outside and the bathtub except the tips of my fingers.

This is the face of a clean and shiny dog that is completely and totally ignoring me. Fortunately she has a small brain, and will soon forget the injustices delivered on her this sad sad day.

How dare I take away the scent she worked so hard for.

Cantaloupe. Because, well, it’s orange and delicious and also our food situation is sort of spotty at the moment and this was what I had to take a picture of. Also, because I’m eating it.

Sure it LOOKS like we have a lot to eat, but it’s a mirage. This was the cameras auto version…

This was when I asked used the ‘sense the white balance’ setting – probably more useful at night…

And a manual combination of the two.

In other news, I solemnly swear not to make you look at three versions of every picture… I just wanted to show you the white balance magic. Because food + bad white balance = unappetizing.

happy new year!

Sunday, January 2nd, 2011

On the last day of 2010, Crockett went snowboarding and I hunkered down with the girls. We spent the day cooking and reading and generally lazing, with the exception of a field trip to the rec center (me, not them).

I expected to be the only person there, what with it being the last day of the year. I thought folks would stay home in preparation for starting best behavior on the 1st.

I was totally wrong. I basically had to knock down an old lady to get a treadmill.

When I showed up at Crockett’s, he was disassembling a computer because I’d rented Salt and his computer ate it. He got it out and we did watch it – probably not worth all the work, honestly. Kind of a stupid flick.

I brought a couple of things, celebrating New Year’s food traditions that I’d found. Here we have fish (ok fine shrimp whatever) and pork (in the form of delicious spicy italian sausage).

Ree’s black eyed pea dip.

And greens. These are actually all the greens we ate, but I’m sure it was enough to bring us some luck.

And drinks, of course. One of Crockett’s presents from me this Christmas was a book called The Hour: A Cocktail Manifesto. Since he read it, he now insists that the only real drinks are martinis (gin, of course) and straight whiskey. Doesn’t he look dapper, with his new Christmas sweater, his martini, and his post snowboarding hair?

A proper martini does not have olives. In case you were wondering. It instead has a squeeze of lemon oil.

I was drinking gin and tonic, because The Hour author can kiss my ass, and wearing my claddagh ring which I’ve recently become re-obsessed with. I’m sure that obsession is in no way tied to the fact that I just watched the first three seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer again. Totally sure.

Gin: Leopold’s. It’s distilled here in CO but if you can get it where you are and you like subtle gin, try it. You won’t regret it. And if you do, hopefully you’ll forget that you regret it because of all the gin you just drank.

At some point I got quite jealous of Crockett’s nice thick eyelashes.

We took the party downstairs, to watch Salt and the ball dropping etc. Also, to watch Kesha resolve not to be a douchebag in 2011 – which, interesting choice.

Someone didn’t make it til midnight.

But we did! Sure, there were some closed eyes… but we were awake for the crucial moment. Seriously.

Then, of course, we went to bed. Because it was -3 degrees outside and we had absolutely nothing better to do. It was nice, actually – I always try to go big on NYE (with the exception of last year when I was super sick) – but home and mellow wasn’t a bad choice.

First meal of 2011.

Not too shabby.

I hope your NYE was exactly as you wanted it to be. Tell me all about it, k?

inside joke or coincidence

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

Do you ever spend an entire day feeling like you’re trying to catch up with yourself?

Every time we go to Costco, Crockett buys a big old container of Naked Green Monster juice. Yesterday morning, he poured me a big tasty glass. I’m not sure I’d actually ever had it before, because it was wayyyyy sweeter than I expected. My love of sugar knows no bounds, but I wasn’t able to finish it.  The coffee though – that I finished.  By the time I was done with it, though, I was running late for school.
I headed home before school to make myself breakfast. I think I’m in a rut. An oatmeal rut.

Do you see how pretty it is with the little red flecks of cranberry, though? How can you say no to such a thing?

The lunch I packed was a little schizophrenic.

Can a lunch be schizophrenic?

If it can, mine was. Salad with turkey and celery and blue cheese dressing and hot sauce, and my dad’s cinnamon orange rice pudding.

I had meetings between classes, but since I had to stay on for the inaugural meeting of the Women in Computing meeting at school I made it to the gym at 4. I ran 1.4 miles and felt like I was going to die. I think, perhaps, that my turkey passed it’s prime several days ago.

When I organized the meeting (*pride face*), I mentioned to our department admin that it would be nice to have snacks, and then promptly forgot. She, happily, didn’t – cookies and candy and juice and soda.

No diet soda though.

I refuse to drink regular soda.

I may have had a cookie though.

The problem with Thanksgiving is that one small person and one gigantic fridge full of leftovers leads to lots of wasted food. When I was shifting stuff around last night, I realized I still had half a bag of brussels sprouts. So I made cheesy salad.

Enjoyed with a small glass of wine and….

Pumpkin soup! After my tomato soup from Tuesday night, I was in a soup mood. This one is shallots, garlic, red curry paste, chicken stock, and pumpkin, all blended up in my little smoothie blender.

Yes, blending a curry soup in my breakfast blender was a risky move.  My hand blender is still at Crockett’s, though, and a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

Then, when watching Supernatural while doing homework, I saw something that blew my mind. This? Is Harmony. Harmony the vampire. From an entirely different television show – a little thing called Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

In case the blood around her mouth doesn’t tip you off, she’s a vamp here too.

Inside joke or coincidence?

Who can say.

livin’ on a prayer

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

School mode is boring compared to not-school mode.



Buffalo Chik’n Salad. (Morningstar Farm Chik’n Patty, light Bleu Cheese dressing, Frank’s Buffalo Wing sauce, mushrooms, celery, carrots, and greens galore).


A cracker with goat cheese and cranberry chutney.


This is where I started to break down.

Fortunately this is when I looked to the right.

I put the book on the floor. I left Cloey guarding the homework couch.

I made a teeny tiny gin and diet tonic.

G&T would most definitely be my drink – IF bars carried diet tonic.


Turns out a gin and tonic, even a small one, isn’t conducive to homework.

It is, however, conducive to snuggling your dog while taking self portraits.

Dinner break. Leftover sweet potato pudding patted into cakes and fried up, served with chutney (yeah, I’m putting it on everything. You would be too. Go make it now), leftover quinoa, and leftover turkey.

I was going to follow homework with dinner … buuuuttttt….

Crockett FaceTime guitared me. A girl can’t say no to that. It’s physically impossible.

I celebrated that lovely interlude by hanging the stockings that I’d tripped over in the garage earlier that day.




Again. School me is boring.

it’s a jungle out there

Saturday, November 20th, 2010

Do you know why they make playgrounds in such bright colors?

I’m pretty sure that it’s so I have something cheerful to look at on overcast days. I mean, I can’t think of any other possible reason.

Yesterday started with a very important date with Laura. Last week she fed me, this week we went out. Ideally, two weeks from now, I’ll feed her. It’s important to make time for this kind of thing, even when you have so much Java programming to do that you sort of want to slam your head in a piano and you didn’t do it the night because you saw your other friends that you don’t get to see very often and even then you had so much Java programming to do that you sort of wanted to smoosh your toes with an anvil just so you could have some time off.

I’m sorry, obviously I digress.

We went to Mimi’s Cafe. It’s a chain but Laura is over our local breakfast cafe and she adores the muffins at Mimi’s. I like the honey soaked bran ones, but I passed, what with honey and muffins both being on the things-to-avoid-if-possible-for-South-Beach list. Each breakfast comes with juice, and I opted for tomato.

Green tabasco for the tomato juice. Mmmm.

Laura requested the Buttermilk Spice muffin, but our waitress (who was hilarious and cheerful, which is so welcome in the morning) recommended a pumpkin spice muffin instead. Laura wasn’t nuts about it, but it had the crunchy topping which was apparently the most important part.

I had the Light ‘n Fit two egg plate. Eggs, dry wheat toast, and fruit.

I felt so healthy afterwards that I would have given myself a gold star if I’d had any. Sadly, I didn’t. Note to self: start carrying gold stars.

I went straight to school, thinking I’d have at least and hour to get some work done. Then? “Gas Main Break. Road Closed Ahead.” That’s never a good sign. (Ha, sign. Get it? Cause it was a real sign?)

People on the side of the road… then more people on the side of the road… then, yes, road closed. Sigh.

I did eventually make it and instead of working I snuck to the gym. It was great except, after my noon class, I realized I didn’t have any food for lunch. I raided my office.

Not the best option.

But it was all I had. I’d gotten it in a goody bag after a race last year. I rarely end up using those samples, but I guess this one came in handy.

It was pretty tasty, although I suspect they didn’t intend for me to eat it dry.

I supplemented with half a Larabar dipped in peanut butter. I was starving when I got home. I really need to put some thought into food I can keep in my office for situations like this – maybe some apples and … what else? Any ideas?

Kissy face

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

SO many things to do, so little time.

The most reasonable course of action was not to spend the whole morning cooking. But I did anyway.

I think I may be developing a caffeine problem. My clue is that today, I poured a glass of diet coke while I waited for my coffee to finish dripping.

When it came to breakfast time, all of my bowls were in the dishwasher, and the dishwasher was running. What’s a girl to do?

What on earth could be in these cups?

Who can tell? (If you’re guessing radioactive cranberries right now, I can’t blame you.)

Coffee and pumpkin oatmeal with cranberry sauce. Today I skipped both the banana and the yogurt in the oatmeal, and it was sooo much tastier. I don’t know what I was thinking yesterday.

While eating breakfast, I got the beans that had been soaking overnight cooking. While Rancho Gorda claims that there’s no reason to drain the soaking liquid, I did it anyway, and started them in a pot of fresh water. (I didn’t actually buy the beans from Rancho Gorda, I bought them from the supermarket, but  oh how I would like to order some from them.)

Then I mixed up my very first batch of granola. Since I’m working on this whole low fat low sugar thing, making my own seems more sensible right now. This is half a cup of honey (not no sugar, y’all, just low sugar), half a cup of pumpkin, half a cup of rinsed flaked coconut, half a cup of pumpkin seeds, and six cups of oats. Oh, and salt, cinnamon, powdered ginger, and cloves.

It made a sticky, mushy uncooked granola, and it took about 45 minutes to dry out in a 350 degree oven.

The crunchy version is tasty though. The addition of oil definitely changes the texture, doesn’t it? When I get through this batch, I’m doing one with WAY more coconut. I guess that’s no surprise, since if I were a Roman goddess and people brought me tributes, I would request at least 90% of them to be coconut.

The beans were done at about the same time as the granola. I changed the water again (again for probably no good reason) and added boullion paste. I cooked up some Canino’s spicy italian  sausage (local, woman owned, low-fat (for sausage), and damn delicious) and added it to the beans. Two sage leaves and ten handfuls of spinach, lid back on, and boom. Lunch simmering away.

The girls and I went for a walk.

Don’t trees like this make you want to climb up and sit there with a book?

Now, I’m back in my nest:

and soup is on.

Later, dudes.

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

I’m not usually one of those people who rags on Mondays. Monday is just a day, man. It’s trying.

Yesterday, though. Yesterday morning may have been enough to turn me forever.

I had this huge project due yesterday at noon, and due to my illness and general slackerness, it wasn’t done when I woke up yesterday. I made his and hers smoothies and dived right in – only to not have it completely done when I left for school.

Cue: nervous breakdown while driving.

Then? My parking lot was closed because they’re digging a hole. What is to be put in said hole? Who can say. A mystery for the ages.  I got the project turned in and sat through class, then headed to my office to do some work. (Why not to run? I think it’s a combination of the quasi-South Beach thing and the cold – I haven’t run in like a week. I intend to try to get in a mile or two today, if at all possible, just to prove that I can.)

When I arrived at my office, I realized that my nervous breakdown had apparently precluded my lunch packing.

Fortunately, I took a couple of these from the Marriott when I was there last week. A Super Cookie, yo.

Basically a sugar bomb, but the food you have on hand is better than no food at all. Plus it was made locally, and I find that sort of charming. (Although why I should find a small business in Denver more appealing than one in Austin or something, I have no idea. It’s not like I know either owner.)

It wasn’t bad, but it was definitely more of a snack than a meal.

I spent two hours in my office working on my National Science Foundation grant application, which is so much fun you have no idea. (SARCASM.) Fortunately I had Monk to keep me company.

Perhaps there is something to this sugar high-low thing. After that cookie, I needed more sugar. Moooorrrreee. So I bought a pumpkin latte. Because, yum. I only drank half on the way home, and I stuck the other half in the fridge.

I know I’ve said this before, but my drive could certainly be uglier, eh?

On my way home, my mom buzzed me and mentioned that one of my aunts and two of my uncles were at her house. They’re all in town emptying out my grandma’s house, which is up for sale after 51 years. (That short lady in the middle is my mom. Apparently there were two different strains of genes in her family, because those two guys on the ends are her brothers.)

I stopped by the library because I’d returned a book without an included CD, and I finally checked out the damn South Beach book. Perhaps an understanding of why I’m doing this will encourage me to actually do so (i.e. no more Super Cookies).

Of course, I don’t understand yet… so I had a Guinness when I finally got home.

Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out, Monday.